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Stop and Breathe®

provides soothing and informative 'Relaxy Hour' and “Zenful Aging’ workshops to companies, organizations, and residential communities to help employees, members, and residents manage stress and anxiety in their personal and/or professional lives. These soothing and informative workshops teach healthy breathing, relaxation strategies, visualization techniques, and insomnia support.


We also provide Mindful EmPOWERment Sessions privately to individuals experiencing pain, stress, illness, or anxiety in their lives or simply wanting to improve upon their health and wellness in their lives. The combination of the visualization tools we teach and the deep relaxation strategies we apply are both tremendously empowering and highly soothing.


Order your very own Deep Relaxation Series - Guided Breathing, Relaxations, and Visualizations audio download and experience the wonderful benefits of this stress-relieving guided breathing series and its deep relaxation techniques in your home.

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