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SUSAN GINSBERG, Founder of Stop and Breathe®
and creator of 'Deep Relaxation Series—Guided Breathing, Relaxations, and Visualizations'

A certified yoga/meditation teacher and educator for many years, Susan founded Stop and Breathe® to help others literally find their breath and find comfort and relief during stressful moments of their lives.


Her soothing and calming voice has provided stress-reduction techniques and support to cancer and surgical patients in hospitals, stressed out corporate executives, musicians & performers, individuals experiencing chronic headaches, pain, stress & anxiety, and even the United States Marines Corps.


Susan states, “The greatest teachers in my life are the amazing clients that have faced various types of adversity-cancer, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, chronic pain, loss of a loved one- and found the inner strength to persevere. When one of these students who was battling breast cancer told me that not only were the teachings I provided instrumental in her fight, but helped her cope during chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries, I felt compelled to share these valuable tools to those in need of comfort and inner peace during turbulent and stressful moments.”


A gifted teacher and communicator, Susan has trained and certified hundreds of yoga instructors, therapists, teachers, and health care providers how to teach others to breathe and relax to combat stress and anxiety.


After providing thousands of private sessions and workshops throughout the years, Susan created Deep Relaxation Series-Guided Breathing, Relaxations, and Visualizations to share her life’s work and passion with others seeking a way to combat the devastating impact of stress and anxiety. These easy to follow and enjoyable to listen to downloads provide instruction on healthy breathing, guided relaxation, and visualization techniques which provide a healthy respite from day to day living and guide listeners down a path to overall wellness.


There are a myriad of reasons why someone may experience stress- whether it be personal, occupational, or medical. Through providing Stop and Breathe workshops, private sessions, and her Deep Relaxation-Guided Breathing, Relaxations, and Visualizations series audio downloads, Susan is committed to sharing these valuable tools with individuals and companies to learn a more healthful way to combat this stress and find inner peace and wellness.



Susan shared her gift of relaxation and breathing techniques with our sales team and community non-profit organizations during a recent wellness event.  It was a diverse group of participants but she managed to address our different interests, concerns and personalities in her presentation, while leading us through a step-by-step breathing practice and answering questions.  And that’s Susan’s gift:  she can bridge a divide to find a common denominator—helping each of us to find a place of calm and relaxation within.  I often return to my breathing exercises to de-stress and to ease into sleep.”


-Enid Arnowitz,
Eileen Fisher,
Highland Park

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