Call or email today: (480) 388-2780

Call or email today: (480) 388-2780


Stress has been described as a feeling of being overwhelmed, worried, anxious, or run-down. No one is immune to stress, as it affects people of all ages and genders. Chronic stress leads to a myriad of both physical and psychological health issues. Stress and its destructive impact have been researched in relation to diseases, pain, depression, and countless other conditions that have an impact on our health and well-being. Though it is impossible to eliminate stress from our lives, we can learn to change our reaction to stress and this can make a profound improvement on overall health and to quality of everyday life. Stop and Breathe® specializes in stress management sessions and workshops to provide these highly valuable techniques that can be easily incorporated into one’s life and help eliminate the destructive effects of stress.


As Kerri Gavin, a college instructor states, “Thank you for offering the Stop and Breathe® program to our staff. I found it particularly helpful because immediately before the class, I was dealing with a difficult situation in my own life. After the session, the stress I felt was greatly relieved. Since then, I have used the procedures several times per day to relieve stress and to relax. I know that I will continue to use these exercises regularly. To summarize: To Stop and Breathe® feels really, really good!”


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