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Deep Relaxation Series


Begin on your own path to wellness with this complete series of seven soothing and highly relaxing guided journeys. Understand how to breathe in a healthy way and then learn to relax your body and visualize with your mind to achieve peace and a greater sense of well-being. Combat the impact of stress and anxiety as you arm yourself with this arsenal of healing tools!

Complete series includes 7 downloads*:

• 5-minute Breath Guidance

• Full Body Relaxation

• Special Place Relaxation

• Color Visualization

• Sankalpa Image Visualization

• Crystal Cave Visualization

• The 61-Points Relaxation


Audio Length:  1 hr., 3 min.

Format:  MP3

*These are the same seven downloads available individually below.


Full Body Relaxation


Travel throughout your entire body with this guided relaxation, relaxing each part of the body along the way. Also known as ‘progressive relaxation’, there are so many inherent benefits of systematically relaxing the body in addition to it simply feeling wonderful. This is also a great relaxation to listen to before trying to fall asleep.


Audio Length:  10:20

Format:  MP3


Color Visualization


This guided visualization travels throughout your body and balances and rejuvenates each major energy center — also known as ‘chakras’ — with its associated colors and imagery. This is both deeply relaxing and restorative.


Audio Length:  6:57

Format:  MP3


Crystal Cave Visualization


This guided visualization takes you on a journey deep down underground to a beautiful, private, crystal cave. Restore yourself in the rainbow pond in the center of it. You may never want to leave, but rest assured you can always come back.


Audio Length:  8:37

Format:  MP3


5-Minute Breath Guidance


Take five! — minutes, that is — to learn how to experience the benefits of healthy, deep belly-breathing. This breath guidance is the perfect way to start or end your day — or enjoy the moments in between. All you need is five minutes to begin to benefit from these valuable techniques. Learn to breathe in the healthiest way possible, and to experience a greater sense of calmness in your life.


Note, it’s recommended to begin each relaxation/visualization with this breath guidance.


Audio Length:  7:05

Format:  MP3


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Special Place Relaxation


This guided relaxation takes you on a journey to a special place in your own mind that is special and meaningful to you. Experience bliss, joy and peace as you envision this special, magical place.


Audio Length:  5:49

Format:  MP3


Sankalpa Image Visualization


This visualization combines setting a sankalpa — loosely translated as intention, affirmation, or resolution — along with developing your creative mind through the use of visual imagery.  When the mind is more deeply relaxed, we are more apt to listen to our heart’s intentions.


Audio Length:  12:05

Format:  MP3


The 61-Points Relaxation


This guided relaxation takes you to 61 different points on your body, and encourages you to relax each one of them along the way. This is profoundly relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time!


Audio Length:  13:40

Format:  MP3


One-Minute Breath Guidance


This brief yet relaxing and informative 1-minute FREE sample will begin to guide you to a healthier way to breathe. Once you listen, you will want to hear more.


This free sample is designed to give you an idea of what the rest of this series is like. One minute is not truly enough time to achieve full relaxation. However, you should be able to get an overall feel, with regard to the voice tone, the ambient background music, and the guidance that you will experience in the rest of this highly enjoyable series.

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