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Arizona Business Gazette (10/11/18)

» “Stop and Breathe helps manage stress”



North Scottsdale Pulse (Jan. 2018)

» “Ten tips to a stress-free new year!”



The Daily Herald (4/4/17)

» “3 tips for better zzzzzzzzzzzzzzs”



Women’s Health (Oct. 2013)

» “The Young and the Restless”



Little Lake (5/13/13)

» “Mompreneur Monday: Susan Ginsberg
of Stop and Breathe”



eHealth Radio Network (9/28/12)

» “Stop and Breathe to reduce stress
with Susan Ginsberg”



Inside NorthShore (June 2012)

» “Hospital Volunteer’s “Aha!” Moment Helps Patients Relax” (PDF; see page 4)



Chicago Parent (1/25/12)

» “Breathe through the stress”




Chicago Sun-Times (1/23/12)

» “Yoga instructor teaches healing power
of breathing”

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