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Susan is an extraordinary human being with the ability to connect and nurture people from all backgrounds and levels. Her sessions will heal you from the inside out emotionally, spiritually and physically.”


-Julie B.,
Yoga Instructor


Stop and Breathe® provides highly individualized, soothing breathing and relaxation sessions for anyone experiencing pain, stress, anxiety, or just wanting to gain a greater sense of health and wellbeing. Our sessions are customized to meet the unique needs of each individual. After gaining an understanding of each person’s unique goals, we work together on optimizing healthy breathing patterns, learn to fully relax the mind and body, develop visualization strategies, and implement a set of techniques into a program that can be practiced at home. We make a customized essential oils blend for each client, as well.


In between the weekly sessions, which are typically held for 45 minutes or 90 minutes, Stop and Breathe® clients are encouraged to reach out via email or phone if a question arises, or they want any additional suggestions or support. Our goal is to teach valuable strategies and see them incorporated into our clients’ everyday lives. Each person that comes to us is treated with the utmost of attention and support.


Each client is treated to a highly individualized program to fit his or her needs. Some clients do some physical stretching or gentle yoga before the sessions if their bodies tend to hold onto pain, tension, or tightness. Others have a complete focus on the breathing and relaxation strategies. Options are discussed initially and can be changed, as needed, to meet a client’s unique needs — the benefit of working individually.


As Karen D., a Stop and Breathe® private client states, “I have been diagnosed with severe COPD. There is no 'cure.' I take inhalers but that is not increasing the quality of my life. Stop and Breathe® was recommended to me. The tools she has given me in our sessions have made an enormous difference in my life. Everyday chores keep getting easier; walking up stairs is easier ... there may be no cure but, I'm healing! I'm getting my life back.”


Call for more information on individual sessions. Fees are $80 for a 45-minute session and $100 for a 90-minute session. Call (480) 388-2780 for a private consultation to determine how we can help breathe your way into health and wellness.


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