Call or email today: (480) 388-2780

Call or email today: (480) 388-2780


Stop and Breathe® workshops provide soothing and relaxing sessions for the nurses and doctors of the health industry. Caregivers are notoriously prone to burn out, often so busy taking care of others that they are not taking care of themselves. Stop and Breathe® workshops are a great way to support your staff. Seminars provide your employees with training to achieve balance in their lives, and to mitigate their inherent stress levels in a healthier way. Schedules are not an issue as our sessions can be held during the lunch hour or after work. Contact us today at (480) 388-2780 for a free workshop planning consultation and quote.

Susan has done a very good job for us with several of our high anxiety patients and their families. Just having her go in the room and offering her service has a positive effect on people. The staff thinks highly of Susan Ginsberg (the founder of the Stop and Breathe® program), for the work she has done.”


-Jane Schneider, Nursing Manager at Same Day Surgery, NorthShore University HealthSystem/Highland Park Hospital

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