Call or email today: (480) 388-2780

Call or email today: (480) 388-2780


Stop and Breathe® workshops have successfully trained many seasoned performers on addressing stage fright and anxiety issues before getting on stage to perform. We have successfully worked with companies such as Chicago Symphony Orchestra, including its performers and staff. We’ve provided private sessions with high profile performers and entertainers, teaching them to ease pre-performance anxiety with soothing breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques. Contact us today at (480) 388-2780 for a free workshop planning consultation and quote, or information on scheduling private sessions.

It was very relaxing and well needed after a long day. I plan to take the relaxation with me so I can relax at work and at home. It's wonderful that this was offered. We often don't always take time to take care of ourselves. Thank you!”

-Stop and Breathe® workshop attendant, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

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