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The corporate work environment is an arena filled with high stress levels, deadlines and expectations that never stop, and inherent pressure and competition. This can take a toll on even the most productive employees, a toll that carries over into home life, health, and wellbeing. Companies are recognizing this more and more. Providing Stop and Breathe® sessions, workshops or seminars, with the valuable techniques that we provide, gives support to your employees. This has proven to make a difference in the employees’ perceived job satisfaction, reduce employee sick days and medical expenses, and increase group camaraderie. Our highly enjoyable sessions can be held in a conference room on the employees’ lunch hour or after work. There is no need to spend time changing clothing as the sessions are done in comfortable chairs. Employees will learn valuable skills that they can take home with them to incorporate into their everyday lives.


As Carolina Ara, Human Resources Manager of the Sofitel Hotel (Chicago Water Tower) states, “It was wonderful to have you work with me and our hotel staff yesterday. I slept like a baby last night and I am already trying to create my little corner in my room so I can learn to practice breathing and meditation. Thank you!”


Corporate seminars and workshops are a Stop and Breathe® specialty. We have done groups as large as 700 people! No group is too large or too small, but each group is unique and we will provide sessions that will positively change the corporate work environment and the individuals that comprise that community. Contact us today at (480) 388-2780 for a free workshop planning consultation and quote, or information on scheduling private sessions.

Thank you ever so much for today’s Stop and Breathe® session. It was well received! I was battling a light migraine all morning that is now completely gone! I realize we cannot have such a session every day, but please can you consider advocating for a routine interval, i.e. monthly, every other month, etc. Thank you again and hope for more!”


-Eva T. Kolasinski,
Celergo Global Payroll

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