Call or email today: (480) 388-2780

Call or email today: (480) 388-2780


Whether you have a family member who you are helping care for, or you provide caregiving for your career, the stress of providing caregiving can be profound. Caregivers are notoriously prone to burn out when not taking care of themselves. Stop an Breathe® private sessions and workshops are an excellent way to support yourself or your staff, and help ease this inherent stress level that often goes hand in hand with caregiving. It is so important to take care of one’s own self when taking care of others. Contact us today at (480) 388-2780 for a free workshop planning consultation and quote, or information on scheduling private sessions.

The Stop and Breathe® program was beneficial for not only the patients at the Kellogg Cancer Center’s Stress Reduction Group, but also for the Kellogg nurses and supportive staff who participated in a separate session. The program brings together several stress reduction techniques including breathwork, body scan meditation and guided imagery and is something that can be brought into day to day life to assist with the stress and anxiety that comes.”


-Meg Madvig, LCSW,OSW-C, Social Worker at the Kellogg Cancer Center at Evanston

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