Call or email today: (480) 388-2780

Call or email today: (480) 388-2780


A cancer diagnosis is usually life changing and shocking to the individual and the family members and friends that receive this diagnosis. Stop and Breathe® was conceived as a result of working with a woman diagnosed with breast cancer, teaching her and her ‘supporting cast’ of friends and family members to breathe, relax, and visualize when facing pain or anxiety. When she reported feeling as though someone was breathing alongside her during her most difficult moments, and experienced a reduction in the pain and anxiety she experienced when facing surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, we began providing Stop and Breathe® at the Kellogg Cancer Center. In addition we work privately with individuals and their friends and family members to support them during this very difficult time.


The Kellogg Cancer Center staff saw a reduction in the stress levels that the patients reported, and the patients experienced a higher level of care that made them feel as though the center truly was concerned about their holistic well-being. As reported by Meg Madvig, LCSW, OSW-C Social Worker at the Kellogg Cancer Center in Evanston, “The Stop and Breathe® program was beneficial for not only the patients at the Kellogg Cancer Center’s Stress Reduction Group, but also for the Kellogg nurses and supportive staff who participated in a separate session. The program brings together several stress reduction techniques including breathwork, body scan meditation, and guided imagery, and is something that can be brought into day to day life to assist with the stress and anxiety that comes.” We not only provide individual sessions, but also work with hospitals and cancer centers to provide this invaluable service to their patients. Contact us today at (480) 388-2780 for a free workshop planning consultation and quote, or information on scheduling private sessions.

Susan has given me the opportunity to relax emotionally, heal and help me find peace of mind for the first time since being diagnosed. She works in a calm, nurturing and trusting manner. Susan is a very special person and has become an important part of my healing process.”


 -Stop and Breathe® Client

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